Version 1.3.3

Software Update for The Argis® Framework

Version 1.3.3
Release date: 1.17.2017

If you are already one of our customers, your software will update automatically. Customers who use version 1.3.3 will notice:

  1. Your data viewing experience will now be noticeably smoother and more accurate.  To address the jumpy data and achieve greater motion smoothness, over the last two months we revamped and rebuilt nearly all the rotation algorithms.  
  2. True North is now much closer to True North.  We created a more stable and accurate compass and improved the magnetic declination by removing two significant bugs within the compass code. 
  3. You, the user, can now move your data where you need your data to be.  The Argis® Framework now has an interface called “Adjustment” located on the main menu. This feature allows the user to adjust their data to a known point.
  4. The User Interface Menu is no longer hidden behind the Selection Details Pane. This repair of a user Interface bug fixed this Interface (UI) menu problem. 
  5. The GPS “on” symbol is now used to update the GPS at each new location. We significantly updated the motion methodology to provide stability in viewing your data.  We simplified the connection to the GPS and created a smoother experience for stationary use. See the instructions below regarding this portion of the update:

Instructions for the updated GPS Management

  1. Click on the GPS symbol located in the lower left hand corner of your screen.  The GPS icon will expand into two symbols (see illustration to the right).  Select the left symbol to turn the GPS off.  Select the right symbol to turn the GPS on. 

  2. The GPS “on” symbol is now used to update the GPS at each new location.  Each time the user moves to a new location, the user must click on the GPS icon to update the data on their device’s screen.

  3. Advantages:  This update to the GPS system allows smoother viewing of your data field and is substantially safer for the user.  Users will need to be standing still to update the view on their screen which will remove the danger of falling while focused on the data viewing screen.