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Connect with Argis Solutions at Esri's User Conference 2017

Argis Solutions has had a productive season resulting in many chances at Esri's User Conference to share our mission of being the premier provider of Augmented Reality Visualization to the Esri GIS community. We will be showing the impact our award winning Argis® Framework and our newest product the Argis® Lens throughout the conference. We invite you to join us:

SUZ Demo Theater 2016

SUZ Demo Theater 2016

Argis Solutions will be in booth z15 in the SUZ

Argis Solutions will be in booth z15 in the SUZ

If you are unable to hear these informative talks or you have more questions, we invite you to find us in the Esri Start Up Zone at booth z15 and experience the Argis® Lens for yourself. With giveaways and promotionals, it will be worth your while.
Can’t wait?  Contact our Client Relations team to schedule a trial license to see firsthand how the Argis® Lens can bring ROI to your company by adding the AR Advantage to your workflows.

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Thank you and see you in San Diego! 

AWE Video: Locating Underground Assets at Remote Sites

Excerpt from Augmented World Expo 2017 

Brady Hustad recently spoke about Locating Underground Assets at Remote Sites  at the Augmented World Expo (AWE). This talk focused on our impact on Whiting Petroleum's workflow in the field with their One Call Department. Check out the talk below or on our YouTube channel: 

The AWE was a new conference for Argis Solutions, but full of great potential for the future development of augmented and virtual reality.  Since our products are in the field now,  Brady answered many interesting questions at the end of his talk that delved into the questions of commercial adoption and application of Augmented Reality in industry marketplace. If you would like to experience our Argis Lens firsthand, contact us today to request a trial license to see the AR Advantage can improve your workflow. 

How Utility Companies Benefit from GIS

Excerpts from Geodatapoint Blog 

Utility companies that pivot and embrace this development will also see exponential growth as they are able to adapt their field crews to be more efficient, safer and expedient at accomplishing projects.

Mary E. Shacklett's article, "How Utilities are Transforming with Geospatial Technology" engages with the topic of how "in the field" utility company operations are adopting GIS data options to become more efficient and effective in the field. Not surprisingly, Argis Solutions is on the front line of this new technology. Brady Hustad provides his insight into how AR and GIS are bring a great synergy to bear on the problems of efficiency and accuracy which field technicians face. 

The world of augmented reality (AR) is about to take the U.S. by a storm,” Hustad says. “We predict that consumers will be using AR and virtual reality (VR) in just a few short years. Utility companies that pivot and embrace this development will also see exponential growth as they are able to adapt their field crews to be more efficient, safer and expedient at accomplishing projects. This is the time to adopt so they are ahead of the curve.

Hustad says that many utility companies were making the shift to geospatial technology because it made them more operationally efficient and accurate. “What makes companies more accurate is the shift from paper to devices. … When utilities switch to mobile technology to view their geospatial data, the technology brings people and data together in the real world and facilitates collaboration.”

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Mary E Shacklett is president of Transworld Data. 


Mitigating Risk in Excavation

For the past decade we have worked to get operational and situation awareness in our call centers, ops centers, and other off-site locations with lots of computing power and big connections to the internet.  But, this power is now available in the field.  Through the use of Augmented Reality (AR), you field crews can have the ability to see buried assets, their underground layout, their situation, right there, in the field, under their feet.

What's Better than Reality?

Denver Geospatial Amateurs Meet up

Check out the next meeting of the Denver Geospatial Amateurs where the Argis Team will discuss how immersive visualization into geospatial data is effecting industries spanning from local government to real estate. Great change to find out where the future of AR is heading. Visit to RSVP!

What's Better Than Reality?  

Matt KrusemarkPaul Hoemke, & Jacob Reiser - Argis Solutions

Reality is OK, I guess.  You know what would make it awesome?  Overlaying it with spatial data.  The guys from Argis Solutions will be here to talk about Augmented Reality and spatial data.  At the intersection of mobile device sensors, compasses, mapping with 3D gaming software environments, GPS compatibility, etc. is where visualization becomes immersive. They'll talk about how all of this works and give us early-days use cases from local government, energy, utilities, and real estate.

AR Vastly Improves One Call Workflow

Road to Esri Petroleum 17

Argis Solutions is proud to announce that Brady Hustad will be speaking at the Esri Petroleum Conference in Houston, TX, April 12-13, 2017. Partnering with Brent Pingle from Whiting Petroleum, Argis Solutions and Whiting Petroleum will be presenting “Augmented Reality for One Call Support.” We will share insight into how the Argis® Framework makes all the difference in One Call routine work, making it more efficient by intuitively accessing GIS data through augmented reality while on location. We will explain how field technicians can quickly assess situations and make informed decisions based on accessible data at their fingertips. A better-informed team leads to safer digs for everyone. This is one story you do not want to miss.  

The Whiting Petroleum Corporation is an independent exploration and production company with an oil focused asset base. They are a top crude oil producer in North Dakota and operate substantial assets in northern Colorado. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado they lead the industry with their competitive assets, dedication to technology and record setting results. More information can be found at

The Esri Petroleum Conference is Esri’s showcase for how GIS can improve how petroleum companies operate. Attendees will discover more ways to improve energy company's bottom lines and enjoyed listening to members of the petroleum community share their most successful GIS applications for E&P, distribution, and business operations. For more information about the event and registration information please visit

Great Connections at the Esri EPC

Jack Dangermond checks out the Argis®  Framework

Jack Dangermond checks out the Argis®  Framework

Argis Solutions had a great time at the Esri Partner Conference and the Esri Developers Summit. Lots of great folks, great conversations and it was amazing to see the direction Esri is headed. See the entire review here:

Many thanks to the Esri Startup Program, who have been very supportive of our growth as a company as Argis Solutions further refines how geospatial data can be visualized by augmented reality.