The Argis® Framework

The Argis® Framework is the most advanced and innovative augmented reality geospatial solution available in the marketplace today.

The Argis® Framework, a product developed by Argis Solutions, easily interprets data from Esri ArcGIS Server (AGS) Feature Services and ArcGIS Online (AGOL) with minimal setup. Real-time, real-world rendering of locational data, geospatial data, or other data such as building schematics and component diagrams can be seen instantly through a mobile device.  The Argis®  Framework provides a seamless marriage of data with the physical world around us--enabling businesses to move faster and smarter.

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Augmented Reality: Game Changer

Introduce augmented reality (AR) to your world with the Argis® Framework and Lens–the most advanced business tools available in the rapidly expanding AR marketplace.

Unlike virtual reality, in which a simulated world is created, AR technology allows you to layer your chosen data or digital elements on top of a real-world, real-time view of your surroundings. 

Augmented Reality Makes an Impact

The Argis® Framework and Lens will forever redefine the way field technicians interact with geospatial data and the physical world. Argis Solutions will dramatically improve your workflow by the empowerment of your field technicians, ease of use and our superior GIS business solutions.

Reveal Hidden Assets

Field technicians can immediately expose the location of underground assets, determine right of way and encroachment challenges, and improve emergency response without having to cross-reference different datasets.  Even if assets are covered with snow, debris or water, the Argis® Framework software will guide field technicians to the location of a critical asset in real-time, with real-world context.

Visually Overcome Barriers

Interpret your geospatial data in a way that every person in every business sector can understand. Leave the map books in the office. The Argis® Framework gives you the first what-you-see-is-what-you-get tool, saving time and money associated with workforce deployment and errors in asset location.

Recieve Meaningful Insight

Transform your Geospatial Information System data into powerful business solutions. Partner with Argis Solutions, a geospatial consultancy whose core product leadership and development team members average more than 20 years of experience creating GIS solutions. We offer meaningful insights into how to utilize geospatial data practically, economically, and innovatively. 


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Argis Road Trip 2017

Our trip to the Esri User Conference was amazing. We took a small film crew along for a road trip from Denver, CO to San Diego, CA to show off our new, premier augmented reality viewer, the Argis® Lens. Watch the videos on our youtube playlist or by clicking on News

Our Clients

Our clients are forward looking companies, municipalities and institutions that grasp the impact augmented reality will have in the geospatial marketplace. Contact us today to implement the Argis® Framework and lead your industry into the next chapter of technological advancement. 

Award Winning Innovator 

Argis Solutions is proud to be an Esri Emerging Partner and winner of the Esri Partner Conference 2016 in ArcGIS Platform Innovation. Our products are fully functional with the standard Esri enterprise and we look forward to including even more functionality in the near future.